Brain Dump

I plan to eventually use this space to dump everything and anything that comes to mind and I find interesting. For now you can visit me at where I do most of my dumping.
Dec 12

Its that kinda day…

Its that kinda day. The kind of day where you stay home. You stay home to be with him. You stay home to feel his warm body against yours. You stay home and fuck like bunnies. And sleep til four. Its that kind of day. But I can’t stay. I can’t stay because he’s to far away. So I’m on my way to start my day. To think about how… Its that kinda day. ~ Life is a progress NOT a station~

Oct 27


Not sure what to make of this blog as of yet. I take pictures, I blog, I twitter, I listen to music, look at videos, love quotes and love my Blackberry Curve. Good thing I have one too because it helps me feed all the needs previously mentioned, which in turn is perfect for this blog because I can post it all on here right from Lulu [that’s the blackberry’s name].

Guess I’ll have to figure out how to point all my domains to here. Be back soon!